If You Don't Shop at Dollar General, You Should!

I love Dollar General, and learned long ago that you can save money on everything from food to cleaning supplies there. Long before they have refrigerated and frozen food, I bought their store-brand dry goods and canned foods. My favorite savings items there are their snack foods, because the store brand of many of their items is less than half that of name brands and just as good. Today, I went in to buy a couple of things just to get me by until I could get to the grocery store, and ended up saving a lot more than I intended. These are a few of the buys I got.

Butter - store brand salted butter on sale for $2.50 a pound. I bought two, and may go back for two more. With butter at $4 a pound even at Save-a-lot, this is an awesome buy. I can keep butter in the freezer, so I try to get it while it's cheap.
Bread - plain, white sandwich bread is only $1.25 there every day. They sometimes have it on sale for $1, but I needed it today, so I ought it at regular price. Publix and Winn Dixie's comparable breads are $1.49. Yes, I realize white bread is "not good for you," but if you're from the South you know it's the only bread that makes good grilled cheese and BLT sandwiches, so there!
Stax snack chips - $1 every day. They only have plain and bbq flavors, but I love the bbq, so this saves  me .50 each over Pringles. They have Pringles on sale sometimes for $1 each, so I stock up on the different flavors then.
50% off Halloween Candy - Got a $5 bag of mini Tootsie Rolls for $2.50. There are enough in that bag to last me awhile, since I limit my candy intake.
Mandarin oranges - I was buying the 4-packs for $2 because I like to freeze them. One day they were out, and since I had saved a lot of the little plastic cups for planting seedlings, I bought two of the cans at $.75 each. I wanted to see just how much was in these cans, so I refilled some cups and covered them with foil for freezing. Surprisingly, I got 5 cups instead of 4 for a total savings of $1 ($.50 savings up front plus $2/4 = .50 ea. so 1 additional cup at a value of .50 = $1 total savings).

If you subscribe to their site, you get notified of special sales and can put digital coupons on your account. You simply tell them at the register that you're using digital coupons and get your savings. 


This week from 11/12 thru 11/14 only, they are having a 3-day sale with Libby's canned vegetables (corn, green beans and peas) for 3/$1. You'd better bet I'll be stocking up on those! They also have Progresso Soups for 3/$3. I like homemade soups, but it's always nice to have a good stockpile of nice canned soups for the winter. You have to buy 3 (or multiple thereof) of each of these to get the deals, but that's fine with me, since I'm stocking up. I will probably buy about a dozen of each of these specials. For you Keurig lovers, a few brands of K-cups are on sale during these 3-days also.

I wish I had more money, because they have $5 off on hoodies, and I do love my hoodies in the winter. Alas, I'll have to pass this time, but I'm sure there will be somewhere I can get them cheap again before the really cold weather hits. Have to be quick, though, because they are few and far between after Christmas. 

Check out their website to see everything in the flyers, and also try some of their store-brands. I like their coffee, but they often have good sales on name brands as well. The Whales cheese snacks are just as good as regular Goldfish as half the price. Look at their nuts as well, which are half the price of Planter's.

O.K., enough with my DG obsession.  I hope you get some of these deals and make DG a place you look from now on for great savings every day.


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