Saving Money on Food: January 2014 - Part 2

Today I went to Publix to snag some good BOGOS and to get my raincheck items from my last visit.

I only got a few things from Publix last week, and I went on Wednesday night, so a lot of things were almost out, so I got two rainchecks.

My rain checks were:
4 bottles of V8 Fusion BOGO at $3.69, so $1.85 each. Got 2 last week.
6 bags of Publix brand veggie steamers @$1 each. Original price from $1.39 to $1.99 ea. Got 2 last week.

BOGOS for the week:

2 Chex Trail Mix BOGO at $2.45 (Hey, a girl's gotta have SOME vices)
2 Cheerios BOGO at $3.59
2 Ritz Crackers BOGO at $2.99
2 Green Giant Steamer Veggie Combos (make a great, quick meal) BOGO @$2.59
2 Vlasic Pickles BOGO @$2.85
Gorton's Fish Sticks/Filets BOGO @$6.49 (For my cheat days)


California navel oranges $.99/lb
Fuji and Granny Smith apples $1.99 a lb. (I know that's not very cheap, but it would have cost me more in gas to go buy them cheaper elsewhere, so still a bargain)
Florida Strawberries $2.99 Qt. (this is our strawberry season. It peaks in Feb., so they will be even cheaper then)
Almond Breeze almond milk $2.50 (special 2/$5), which was cheaper than regular milk this week

My total bill was $50.28 and my savings was $25.09 on the weekly specials, a total of $36.21 with the rain checks, so I think I did well. I only buy specials and BOGOs at Publix,  because they are generally so expensive, but if you shop wisely, you can save some money there.

Next shopping trip, I will be stocking up on dried beans and peas, because I'm completely out. My roommate has tons of them, and she says I can use some. I've been waiting for them to go on sale, but they hardly ever do.


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