Save Money on Food: January 2014 Part 1

I went shopping yesterday. I didn't really need a lot. Like I said, I don't eat like normal people, plus I'm trying to cut back on calories. I did manage to get some very good buys at my favorite store, SavALot.

Bargain of the Week: Tomatoes!

SavALot had tomatoes on sale for $.99 a pound. I only got one, because I honestly don't eat that many tomatoes, and Publix also has the same price this week, so I can get some later. I enjoy tomato sandwiches from time to time, which is the only reason I grow tomatoes. They also had pint shells of grape tomatoes for $.99 each, which is a HUGE savings over Publix at $2.49 a pint. I love snacking on grape tomatoes, so that was an excellent buy. I may go back and get more later in the week, because these will not last long. I had also gone by Wal-Mart earlier to get distilled water, and picked up a few things. I find a lot of things are not actually cheaper there, so I limit what I buy.

This Week's Savings


Distilled Water: 64 cents/gal  Publix price $1.29 Savings of $3.90 on 6
Progresso soups: 2 @1.48  Publix price $1.99 Savings of $1.02
2 lb. brown rice: 2 @1.44 each  Publix price $1.79  Wavings of $.70
Bartlett Pears: $1.27/lb. Publix price $1.99/lb.
Pink Lady Apples: $1.67/lb.  Publix price $2.69/lb.
Baby Carrots 2 lbs. @ 2.68  Publix Price $3.18
Watermelon: $5.98  Publix Price -- they don't have whole ones right now, but they are usually around $8 each. Two halves would have been around $9.


3 lb. bag of medium red grapefuit: 2/$1.99 ea.  Publix sale price $2.50 ea.
Cabbage: $.69 a lb.  Publix price $.79 a lb.
Dozen Large Eggs: $1.49  Publix Price $1.89
Grape Tomatoes: 2 @ .99/pint  Publix price: $2.49 ea.
Mangoes: 4 @2/$1.00  Publix price $1.49 each (Publix mangoes were larger, but still a huge savings)
Store-brand Salsa: $1.69  Publix price $1.99 (The Publix brand is a little chunkier, but taste is no different)
Cucumbers: 2 @ 2/$1.00  Publix price $.79 each (Publix cukes were smaller)
Whipped Topping:  $.99  Publix brand $1.49

I see that Publix has a sale on Folger's coffee this week for $6.99, and normally, I would buy it, but I found that the Dollar General brand is just as good and is only $5.99, so I will get it there.

There are not a lot of specials at Publix this week that I'm interested in, but I will get the following:

Baby portabello mushrooms: $1.79/pint ($.80 savings and I love them!)
Juicy Juice: 3/$6, which may not be cheaper even than the Dollar General brand. I'll check
Steam-in-bag veggies: $1 each (maybe, maybe not. Depends on if they are plain or have a lot of chemicals in them)

Other Publix Specials

Publix has Arnold's bread on bogo, but I don't eat a lot of bread, so that's not a good buy for me. I love their Mountain Bread, so I consider that one of my splurge items, since one loaf lasts me almost a month.

They also have Pepperidge farm cinnamon swirl bread on BOGO, and I love the raisin bread, but don't have room to store a whole loaf right now, so not a good buy. Plus, having to buy a lot of fresh veggies now, I'm not doing but a couple of splurge items.

Dawn dishwashing liquid is 2/$5, so I may get one of those, if it's the original and not one of the watered down new types.  Otherwise, it's cheaper at Dollar General.

If you eat a lot of processed food, Publix has some good buys, but if you are on a tight budget and eat more fresh foods (like being on food stamps), stores like SavALot are still going to save your a lot more overall. Not a lot of brand names at SavALot, but I've been shopping there for over 15 years, and with few exceptions, their brands are just as good as the name brands for much less.


  1. Hi Deb,
    We do a lot of our shopping at Aldis, Walmart and a couple of local stores called Mosers and Schultes. The sales start on Wednesdays around here and we use those newspaper ads scheduled around when our checks come in which is twice a month. I don't know why people would think it is a bad thing to try to help people find reasonable prices for their food purchases no matter where they money is coming from be it food stamps, social security, retirement or a paycheck. I guess our millionaire congress and their friends are just out of touch. ;) Keep it up. There are a lot of people that support your efforts that don't expect you to dress in sackcloth and ashes.

  2. Save A Lot (here) is good for basics (spices, dairy, baking stuff, meat and veggies and some chunk cheeses. We have tried store brand coffees, but there is something either IN them or lacking FROM them that just gives us a blah feeling. I usually either just get whichever is on sale, (sometimes, it's the small cans for $2-3 bux or a large can for $6.50 of Maxwell House, and sometimes I'll find coupons, either online or peelies...sometimes, but it's rare. :) I can't believe how expensive carrots are for you. :( We usually have sales at least on the smaller bags for like $1 a bag, etc. but everything else seems to be in keeping with prices up here. Whole pineapples here, normal price is $3.99 but on sale, often, for $2.99.

  3. Deb, those were the baby carrots. Our carrots are usually about 1.59 - 1.78 for a 2 lb. bag. Sav A Lot had pineapples for $1.99, but I wasn't feeling it.

    Carolyn, I think Aldi's is a lot like our Sav A Lot? We don't have them down here. I just don't want politics to enter in to this. I want everyone to know that you can pay less for groceries and still eat well.


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