The Gift of Food is Perfect for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

I love jars, so I was looking at jars on Pinterest and found a site I just have to share. It brought to mind the Christmas when I was 25, on food stamps, and flat broke. I made cookies for everyone  that year, because it was the cheapest thing I could do. My Christmas cookies became a tradition in our family, and it saved me a ton of money.

Then I started canning and every year, I would gather baby food jars from my mommy friends and fill them with all sorts of awesome stuff. Of course, everyone got a tiny jar of my special jam or jellies. But toddler food jars held other things: hair clips for little girls, marbles for little boys, scrunchies for my pals with long hair, etc. I would dress up the tops and put a nice ribbon around them with a tag. Everyone loved my baby food jar gifts!

Anyway, I found this on Buzzfeed with some ideas for jarred food gifts, and thought it might help some of you out. Enjoy!

24 Delicious Food Gifts That Will Make Everyone Love You


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