December, 2013 Food Stamp Challenge

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Unhappily, I am back on food stamps. I was trying not to do it, but after several weeks of only having $25 a week for food, and getting sicker and sicker from eating poorly, I had to bite the bullet and apply.

I am single, and qualify for the full amount of $189 a month. Believe it or not, some months when I had $200 a month, I would end up with a surplus at the end of the month. I don't eat like normal people; I'm a grazer. I prefer raw fruits and veggies to cooked food and I don't eat much meat. So this food stamp challenge isn't going to be about what I eat and building menus as much as it's going to be about getting the most for your food stamp dollars.

I'm not much of a couponer, but I'm going to do as much couponing as I can this month, to show you a few tricks the pros use. I'm trying to find a coupon diva to make a few guest posts to help us out.

I'm also doing a fitness and weight loss challenge on Deb's Health and Fitness, so it will be about eating as healthy as possible while losing weight and exercising.

I feel like the reason most people say $189 a month isn't enough for one person is because of the way they eat and how much they eat. Let's face it, obesity is a health epidemic in this country, so we could all stand to eat a little less. I surely could, and that' is why I want to include the fitness into this challenge. Having your food budget cut drastically could be the best thing that ever happened to you if it forces you to eat less. Add a few minutes of exercise to that, and you can actually regain your health.

So that is what this challenge is about. It's first and foremost about teaching you how to stretch your food stamp budget. Then it's about taking this opportunity to cut back on the calories you consume so you can get thinner and healthier.

Christmas is coming up, so there will be a little about how to use your food stamps to give Christmas gifts without doing without food yourself. Believe it or not, it's not that difficult. I've done it for years, and my food gifts are the ones everyone looks forward to the most.

I know having your food budget cut in half is scary, but at the end of this challenge, you will discover you are smarter, thriftier and healthier than ever, and that's something to be proud of!


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