Huge Score Day at Goodwill Bargain Barn

I absolutely love Goodwill Bargain Barn.  Our local one isn't as good as it was before they moved it from Englewood to North Port, but you can still get plenty of great scores there. The one thing I don't like about this one is that there used to be a table just for linens, and now there isn't. I got lots of great sheets, blankets and more there, and was counting on doing that again, but there just aren't any, so I'll have to count on the regular thrift stores for those. But with clothes for $1.69 a pound and shoes at $1.99 each, you can't lose.

I've gotten some great scores there. It's the absolute best place to get plastic baskets, which I can pick up for $.10 to .25 each, depending on who's checking you out. I'm always looking for stuff to help organize my space, and I've previously gotten some neat finds, like stackable trays, plastic drawers, and storage containers. I even got an almost brand-new Black and Decker coffee maker for $3.

Today was one of my best days lately. It was like they knew I was coming, and just put everything I needed out there. I found two stacking trays and two hanging trays to go on the sides, plus another hanging tray for the other stackers I'd found previously. These trays are much taller than the others, so I can fit a nice-sized basket under the bottom tray. My 1-litter water bottles fit under it perfectly. The side trays are where I put all the vitamins and supplements I takeon a regular basis. From what I can see online, these shelves sell for about $10 apiece. I can't find the same small hanging racks online, but from what I can find, they're probably about $5 to $7 each, so I'll say $15 for all three.

Also got an under-the-bed plastic container. One corner is cracked, but that's o.k., I can glue that. I'm going to put that at about $10, because I know they usually sell for $10 to $15.

My favorite find was something I'm using right now, something I've been wanting for awhile. I sit on my bed to write, and while I had a lapboard, it sometimes hurt my legs because it has no padding. Today I not only found a laptop desk with a curved front and beanbag back so I can put it at any angle, but it has a pullout mouse tray on the right and a zip container on the left to stash your cord and mouse. This one sells for about $25 to $30 online. The only drawback I can see is that the mouse tray isn't very sturdy, so I may need to find a way to bolster it a little.

One item I'm THRILLED about was something I've been debating on buying for rmonths ,but didn't want to really spend the money for -- wooden block bed lifters. I really need to get more stuff under my bed, but it's so close to the ground that normal under-the-bed boxes don't fit. Now I will be able to stash more stuff to get it out of the way. These are normally from $20 to $25.

I also got a very nice two-step folding utility ladder that usually sells for about $25. This is going to help me so much, since I plan to put shelves up across the top of the walls to get things off the floor and out of the way.

I love cutting boards, and I can always find great ones at this store. I picked up a small glass board today, which probably retails for about $10. O.K., so I already have two cutting boards, but a girl cannot have too many, especially when she loves to chop things.

Also got some little things, like a macrame plant pot holder, a lounge chair pad I'm going to use as an exercise pad for the floor, some lazy-susan trays, which always come in handy, and seven pieces of clothing, mostly tank tops and short sleeved shirts with one pair of jeans, which I'm going to cut off to make shorts. I figure those are worth another $50

So we have about $160 to $175 worth of stuff for (drum roll, please) .........


I guess if you want to get technical, my time is worth something, but I make about $100 a day before taxes, and I did this in 3 hours, so I figure I earned more than a day's wages in savings in that short time.

So to celebrate, I went over to the regular Goodwill next door and spent $9 on a couple of pairs of shorts.

All in all, a great shopping day -- plus, I got to have an orange scone and coffee at Panera and spend time with a good friend. If you count the $4-something I spent buying her coffee and scone, I had a wonderful day for about $40 doing what I love to do.

Want to hear something even stranger? That Goodwill is built in what used to be the first Publix I ever worked in. 


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