A Few New Uses for Old Socks

I was reading a post on uses for old socks, and so far, no one has written about some of my favorite uses. Of course, not everyone moves as much as I have lately, but nevertheless, this is a good excuse for not throwing them away.

Use Old Socks for Packing

When I moved, I went to the grocery store and got wine boxes, because they are strong and have partitions. These boxes are especially good for packing glassware and fragile knick-knacks. Still, glassware and fragile things need to be cushioned, and what better than an old sock? Simply slip glasses and fragile items into an old sock (or two) and stick it into said wine box. I have never had one thing that was packed in an old sock break -- never.

Utilitarian Fingerless Gloves

Do your hands get cold when typing in the winter? Mine do, because we're forced by financial circumstances to keep our thermostat rather low. I bought some heavy fingerless gloves, but they were too bulky and they didn't keep my wrists warm enough. Since I work at home, I'm not too concerned about appearances, so I simply snipped some holes in an old cotton sock and slipped it on my hands. VOILA! Just right.

Cheap Pet Toys

Got a cat? Tired of paying for expensive catnip toys (I know I am)? Simply stuff some catnip into the toe of an old sock, tie a knot in it, and toss it on the floor. My cat loves her catnip socks because they are large enough for her to grab and tear at, and they are easy for me to find -- much easier than those tiny little catnip mice which disappear a few minutes after I give them to her. Great part is that you can easily untie the sock, turn it inside out to remove the old catnip once it loses its potency, wash it, and restruff it.

Stuff a sock with other old socks and sew up the end to make a toy for your dog to tear up without spreading filling all over the house.

Keeping Old Socks Separated from New Socks

If you use old socks as cleaning rags and then wash them, you may have a problem separating them from your regular socks, and inadvertently toss them into your sock drawer. Get a colored permanent marker and mark the toes so you can readily see that they are rags.


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