Wire Shelving Redo

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I just read this awesome article that recommends putting self-stick vinyl tiles on wire shelving to keep things from falling over or falling through. They got their tiles for $12 a box. Well, that's all well and good, but I have a cheaper idea.

I have a baker's rack that has very wide wire shelving, as baker's racks are bound to do, because they need air flow for the bread. Well, I don't use mine for bread, so the shelves were a pain. Since I didn't really need the shelves to be "pretty" right away, I just put taped-together cardboard or cereal boxes on them.

Now that's pretty ugly, which is great if your shelves are hidden away somewhere where no one will see them. When I moved my baker's rack into the living room, I wanted them to be a little prettier. The Solution? Contact paper. I can find it for around $1 a roll at the Goodwill Bargain Barn, so with free cardboard boxes from the grocery store, it's possible to create pretty shelves for next to nothing. Even if you have to buy contact paper, it's about $3-$5 a roll, so much cheaper than $12 a box for tiles. PLUS it's easy to take off and wipe down, if you're putting spillable things on it, like I do with my plants. If you stick tiles on a shelf, you have to clean them where they are.

If you just have to have tiles, and you're not in an apartment where you aren't allowed to change anything, go on freecycle and ask for people's leftover vinyl tiles from flooring projects. OR go to a flooring store and ask for remnants of tile from its contractors.

The cardboard and contact paper idea is great for rentals, because you can just leave it for the next tenant, or toss it out when you're done with it. If you like the look of self-stick tiles, stick them to a piece of cardboard so they can be easily removed.

There are a lot of possibilities, so get creative!


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