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I've been finding out that eating healthy is a lot of work. Eating healthy on a very limited budget is nearly impossible. I would think that eating organic on a food stamp budget WOULD be impossible.

I have always been a grazer, meaning that I ate a lot of raw food throughout the day rather than preparing meals. I don't actually enjoy cooking so much, especially not cooking meat. I don't eat nearly enough protein, in fact, recently with the stress and lack of protein my hair had started to fall out.

What I've discovered about this challenge is the same thing others who have taken it on have discovered. It's a lot of work.  Meal planning and preparation is time consuming when you don't have to worry about whether you can eat protein with starch or which vegetables go with what. Fixing healthy, well-balanced meals is taxing on your brain, no matter how good it is for your body. I feel like I'm failing at the nutrition part of this challenge, but I hope to get better at it as the month progresses.

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! If I have to work hard at something, I want to work hard at something that is going to leave me healthier, happier and hopefully benefits someone. Still, with other stressors, it's very, very difficult to keep up with it all. It's almost like having a second job.

I have to go fix my salad now, and start my posts for today.


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