When Economic Disaster Strikes

I had a bad day yesterday. I foolishly put all my earnings eggs into Demand Media Studios basket, and we were informed yesterday that we are, effectively, FIRED.  The gravy train has jumped the tracks.

I haven't paid my rent for this month and was really counting on that income to do so and to catch up on the outrageous late charges that I owe now for the last two months late payments.

So first, I panicked. I slept badly last night, and woke up late. I have $160 worth of titles still to write there, and that's it. There will be no more "drops" of new titles for us. We will not be able to earn a living there anymore. I thought seriously about suicide.

Then I thought, "Hey, the internet isn't going anywhere. There a lot of people making good money working online. So article sites are dead...SO WHAT?  I have other options, and I started looking at them.

I decided first to sell nearly everything I own. I know this sounds drastic, but obviously, I won't be able to stay here forever, so I need to get rid of stuff and start looking for other lodgings. I want so much to go back home to Southwest Florida, but that was dependent upon being able to save enough money, which I obviously won't be able to do now. The best I can do is get a roommate or get a single room somewhere, which means I will have to stuff everything I own into one room.

So I will start listing things on Craigslist and eBay and anywhere else I can list them. I will sell everything at rock bottom prices to get some money coming in quickly. I was going to do this anyway, so now I'm just being forced into action.


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