WARNING: Clumping Cat Litter Can Kill Your Animals

I have an 8 yo cat with a sensitive tummy. She tends to throw up a lot and has some urinary tract issues, so I'm careful what I feed her. Since I've been in a financial bind lately, I have been buying name brand food on sale, since she can't eat store brands. I was feeding her Good Life for awhile, because it's natural and she loved it. I had gotten a few bags on sale, but ran out, so I bought some Friskies indoor formula that had a bonus small 7 lb. container of Tidy Cat for free. Can't pass that up, right?

About a week after I started using the Tidy Cat, my cat started howling like she was in pain when she went to the bathroom, and then started throwing up and having diarrhea. Since the litter was the only real change I'd made, and since I vaguely remembered something about clumping litter being dangerous for kittens, I went searching and found this:

Clumping Clay Kitty Litters: A Deadly Convenience?

It is all about how clumping litters are made from bentonite clay and they clog up animal's intestines and they die. Well, that explains it then. I am a natural medicine freak, and once I heard about this cleanse you could do using bentonite clay and psyllium, so I tried it...why not? It said Native Americans had been eating the clay for a long time, with no ill effects, so I bought some. I took 1/3 the recommended dose, only 1 tsp. plus I think it was 1 tablespoon of psyllium. I read on Curezone how you had to be careful, because bentonite clay will build up in your intestines, and that's why you have to take the psyllium with it, to scrape it off your colon walls.

Unfortunately, there was no scraping going on, evidently. I was constipated for three days, and finally had to do a coconut oil flush to get the crap out of me. So when I read about the dangers of bentonite clay, I knew what they were talking about.

Back to the cat. I immediately tossed out the Tidy Cat and bought regular clay litter. Yeah, I will admit I'm not looking forward to the smell, but small price to pay to save a cat you've had since she was 6 weeks old. I also put some olive oil in some canned food and put coconut oil on her paws so she will poop out what's left of the clay. I'm going to try to get some coconut oil down her tonight from an eye-dropper, because it's a great laxative and it also kills parasites, so double good stuff.

The moral? Don't let frugality and convenience kill your animals. That is all.


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