DO NOT let AT&T Internet Rip You Off for Their Modem!

 AT&T tried to pull a "bait and switch" on me, and I want to let people know how to avoid it if you sign up for AT&T DSL service. This type of behavior is not unusual for AT&T. Remember, they were broken up in an anti-trust suit many years ago, and their proprietary service for iPhone was so bad, Apple gives people a choice of AT&T or Verizon now. I had Verizon DSL for 10 years, never had one minute of trouble from them.

I was not satisfied with the speed of my cable company's internet, which was definitely NOT cable speed, more like low-end DSL speed. I cancelled it and signed up for AT&T DSL only service, which was running a great special at $24.95 a month for their 6mbps service. I asked specifically if there would be any charge for the equipment, in fact, asked twice, and was told "no".  When I got the "kit" it was nothing but a phone wire and an ethernet wire. I called, they tried to tell me I had to pay $75 for the modem. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me she could not give me credit, and hung up on me.

I called the next day, the same number, could not get through. I kept getting an "all circuits busy" signal, you know, that really fast busy signal.  I finally got onto the site, and after some digging, finally found their customer service "chat". The CSR on chat gave me yet ANOTHER number to call which was the "save desk".

Now is when it gets interesting. I told my story to the save desk and they asked if I had gotten a rebate form. First I have ever heard about a rebate from anyone. She put me on hold a couple of times, then came back saying she was going to process the rebate "up front" and send me out the modem by UPS within 48 hours. We'll see about that, but I also asked her to change the service date, since I was not able to use the service on the current service desk. She said she would. We'll see about that too. 

Now I fully expect AT&T to pull some more crap before this is over. Luckily, I know how to take up for myself. They want to keep your business. Times are hard, even for them. This is what you need to do to get your free modem without all the lies and "bait-and-switch" crap.

1.  When you call to set up service, tell them that you don't want the service if you have to pay for the modem, and make it clear that you know there is a full rebate available that they can process up-front so you don't have to pay anything.

2.  If they give you any flack about the rebate, or try to give you a partial rebate or a payment plan, ask to be connected to the "save desk".  If they refuse, call this number: 866- 485-5238 and tell them that you understand that there is a full rebate available for the modem that they can process up-front (this way you don't have to pay for it, then get a credit). If they say they can't process it up front, tell them that you do not want the service, because you cannot afford the modem. If they tell you they will spread payments out, tell them that won't work, because the base charge is all you can afford. 

This may not work if AT&T is proprietary in your area, but it's worth a try. The rebate exists, and AT&T is not going to tell you about it, so you must be proactive to save money with this company. 


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