Tired of Being Frugal?

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While it's very satisfying to know that you are reusing, recycling, repurposing and conserving both things and money, sometimes you just get tired of being frugal. One day, your friend buys a brand new $400 bike, and you look at your old thrift-store Murray model and wish you could, just once, have something
without having to buy it second hand.

Well good news...you can! Being frugal doesn't mean you can never buy anything new, or anything expensive. In fact, being frugal in your everyday life is what can enable you to buy something like that $400 bike.You are entitled to get the things you want as well as the things you need.

Quality is always better over quantity, right? Quality lasts longer, and depreciates more slowly. Sometimes, trying to save a few dollars on something can turn out to be a mistake. I'll give you an example from my own life.

I had a sofa bed, a nice one. I paid good money for it, and it was comfortable and well made. It was getting a little long in the tooth, so I bought a nice sofa cover for it. When I moved into my new house, I wanted a new sofa bed. I had my mind set on a certain kind of upholstery, so I searched far and wide for one I could "afford". Truth be told, I could have afforded any one I wanted, but I was determined to be frugal.  I ended up buying a cheap sofa bed which turned out to be uncomfortable to sit on and sleep on. It ended up in the garage, and became a home for mice. I finally gave it away.  Now that sofa bed cost me $300, and I could have gotten a newer, nicer one for $500 that I would probably still have today. Instead, I ended up buying the sofa my fiance wanted, which cost $500 used, and which he took with him when he left. He made me give away my original, nice sofa. I now have an old, rickety sofa I got from Freecycle that I don't even sit on, and can't wait to throw that thing out for good.

I should have bought that $500 sofa to begin with, because I wouldn't have had to buy one that my ex would have taken, and been out ANOTHER $250 (my half of the $500 for the one he took). All totalled, I spent $950 on three sofas I ended up giving away, and have no sofa worth having.

The lesson here, besides that you should never let someone talk you into buying a sofa you don't want, and then take it, is that you should sometimes buy what will last, not what is cheapest.


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