Save Money by Not Showering Every Day

Dermatologists agree that daily scrubbing with soap is NOT good for your skin, the largest organ of your body. Pummeling your skin with steaming water actually damages it,
and bathing washes away essential oils that protect and heal your skin when injured.

Most suggest bathing every other day, using water just warm enough not to be uncomfortable, and only washing the "pertinent parts" daily, and then only with mild, soap free cleansers.

Actually, unless you have been doing strenuous exercise, or working at something that gets you very dirty, soaping up your entire body is just not necessary. Even after strenuous exercise, wiping down your body with a rag sans soap, and using soap for the "smellier" parts is all you need. Water alone removes 90% of the sweat deposits on your body. Using soap doesn't remove the dirt as much as it removes the oils.

We've all discussed how to save money on water. By simply sponge bathing every other day, you can save about 10-15% on your water bill. Taking military showers, or 3 minutes showers on the alternate days will save your more.

There is only so much water on earth, and our bodies only produce essential oils for so long. The constant washing away of these oils makes your skin more susceptible to injury, disease, and speeds the signs of aging, especially in those whose skin is already dry.

Scrubbing your skin with a loofa or net scrubber does remove dead skin cells, but it also exposes a new layer of skin that is more vulnerable. If you have also scrubbed the oil off of that new layer of skin, it is even more vulnerable. A light scrubbing without soap or cleanser actually removes the dead skin just as well, and maintains the protective oils.

Your body temperature is normally no higher than 98 degrees. Exposing your skin to water temperatures of over 105 degrees, while very relaxing, is also very damaging.

So can you never have a long, hot bath or shower? Certainly not. It's the daily use of these that not only uses up our resources, but damages your body's largest and most important organ.

Just remember that our skin is our body's first line of defense, and treat it well while saving some $$.


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