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Instead of saving a dollar today, save a person's life.

This is a challenge to all bloggers, website owners, and writers to donate their proceeds for the day to the Red Cross. So many times, we sit and watch as disasters unfold, such as the hurricanes of this year, and we do nothing. Maybe you've never been affected by one, maybe your life has not been torn apart in a heartbeat by Mother Nature's wrath, and maybe you feel you have nothing to give, or it isn't your responsibility.

While you're drinking your Starucks latte today, think about those who have nothing to eat or drink after the hurricanes.

Haiti (one of the top 50 poorest nations in the world) and Cuba are truly suffering. People are on rooftops in Haiti screaming to be rescued, and no one can get to them. It's Katrina all over again. It is reported that where Gustav hit Cuba, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off there. People are going to starve if something isn't done. The Red Cross cannot do it without us. They can help, and are poised and ready, but they need money.

You may say "I give through my church/community organization". The past has proven that these organizations cannot possible get the needed relief out in time to help when it is most urgently needed. The Red Cross is prepared to go now, but they need money. They don't need you to collect clothing or water, they need the money to buy clothing and water. They have the resources that your small organization could never have.

What if it was your family, and no one was helping? Hopefully, it willl never be, but just imagine your children clinging to a roof crying while rescue workers sat and watched hopelessly, not able to get to them. Think of coming home to see that everything you ever owned is just gone, and you have no home, no vehicle, no food, nothing. Imagine surviving a disaster, only to have your sick baby die because there was no medicine available. These things have happened in disasters, and they will happen now if we don't help.

To all of the Christian bloggers and writers out there, What Would Jesus Do?

We are legion! We have an opportunity to do some real good here, but no one seems to be listening. Won't you please at least put a Red Cross banner up on your website?

Those of you who get hundreds of thousands of visitors a day could literally put an airplane into the air to these countries with the donations from your readers.

We are baffled and angry every day at the greed and selfishness that is killing this country. The ones who have so much are the ones who do the least, it seems. It's the little people who give the $17 from their first online article sale who save the world.

"Oh, but we can't give to everything", some will say. Do you even realize what a $1 donation from 1 million people can do? It only takes $1. I don't know of many who don't have $1 to give, do you?

Think about it. It only takes a minute. If you don't want a banner on your site, at least click the banner on mine and donate.

Please. Do it for the children.


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