Frugal Tip Of The Day - Sales Cycles

Sale Items cycle about every 4-6 weeks in grocery stores, about ever 12 weeks in drug and retail stores. Stock up on enough to last you until it cycles, and you'll never pay full price again. If you happen to run into a vendor stocking a sale item, ask them how often the item cycles. (BTW, vendors hate bogos, because they don't make any money off of them, so some won't tell you.)

This is where keeping a price notebook is good. You can find out for sure how long a particular item takes to cycle. From working in a grocery store, I can tell you that cookies and crackers cycle about every four weeks. Sodas take turns with holiday sales, so if Pepsi products are on sale the week of July fourth, Coke products will be on sale the week before Labor Day. Usually, there is a less significant sale of the opposite soda item two weeks before the holiday.

Juices rotate sales weeks, so about every 6 weeks for a sale of your favorite. The big brands such as Ocean Spray may cycle every 4 weeks, but only on certain flavors, not the whole brand.

A great time to stock up on higher priced meats is at sales inbetween "cook out" holidays, because sales prices are lower than when they know people will be buying meat to cook out. For example, the store I worked in had ribeyes on sale for $4.99/lb two weeks before July 4th, but they were on sale for $6.99/lb. the week before. The weekend of July 4th, hotdogs and hamburger meat were the big sale item.


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