Frugal Tip of the Day - Do You Love to Read and Learn?

I love to learn new things. I'm always Googling something, to find out more about it. On the other hand, I love to read as well, and can't always get to the library.  I found a nice site,
called Free E-Books dot Net that has more up to date material than most free ebook sites. Most of the free e-book sites I've been too, such as The Guttenburg Project, have material whose copyright has expired. That makes it at least 75 years old! I downloaded a couple of the gardening books and tried to read them. It was laughable! And the worst part is that people are selling gullible people these books for $1 apiece every day on eBay and Amazon.

But Free E-Books dot Net has some pretty good titles in many categories. You can read a romance novel, of take a ten day course in affiliate marketing. There are books on beauty, spirituality, whatever your heart desires.

Under the Recreation and Hobby category, there is probably a how-to book on anything you ever wanted to learn to do.

Most of the books are in PDF format, some are zip files. I know, Adobe Acrobat is terribly slow to load, so nobody likes PDF files. Luckily, I found a free PDF Reader that is so fast to load, you'll be amazed! Foxit Reader has changed the way I look at PDF files. I used to avoid them like the plague, but now they are not problem whatsoever.

So check out all the free ebooks and grab a copy of Foxit Reader to make your viewing more pleasureable, and a lot less time consuming.


  1. Love this! I used to go to thrift stores a lot when my kids were young. Then last summer while visiting my son at school, I stopped at a local Goodwill. I bought five pair of capris for summer. One pair was brand new! I need to go shopping!


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