Lowering Your Telephone Bill With Alternative Plans

In response to the growing number of people who have cell phones as their primary phone, but still need dsl service, most phone companies have come up with alternative plan options to appeal to most users.

For example, I don't have a cell phone, so I need my home phone, but I don't actually use it much. Sometimes I can go for days without making an outgoing call. I was able to get a plan that gives me unlimited incoming calls, but only 30 outgoing calls a month for about $4 less than my regular line charge. If I make more than 30 calls a month, I pay only .10 a call.

Some other options are:

Incoming calls only with pay as you go outgoing calls at .25 a call
Internet Only, for those with cell phones who do not need phone service at all.

Some things to think about when choosing a service:

I live in Florida, so the "Internet Only" option would not work for me, simply because of hurricanes. When the cell towers are down, and power is out, land lines usually still work, since most of these are run on underground cable. If you live in a place where power and cell phone outages are a real possibility, you should think twice before giving up your land line.

I also have an elderly parent in another state, so I need to have a reliable way for my family to contact me. Cell phone service is nice, but it isn't the most reliable service around. Plus, that entails leaving your cell phone on 24/7, which can really eat up your batteries. This could cost you more than one of the low usage plans.

911 cannot locate you from a cell phone call from your house. If you are unable to speak, a land line can be traced, and EMS dispatched to your home. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

Cell phones go dead at the worst possible times. A land line can be a lifesaver if you need to make an emergency call.

So do what works best for you. There are options available. Call your phone company today and see what they have.


  1. Hi, I just read your post and I agree 100%. no matter what the cable company offers me as an introductory rate I will NEVER give up my land line. Although my area is not prone to hurricanes etc I was working in NYC on 9/11 and when all cell phones were rendered useless I had to stand on a line for a payphone to contact my family and my kids school for over 2 hours, it reinforced how precarious digital phones, tv etc can be. Not sure if you are aware, but depending on your income and the state you live in a lot of people are eligible for Life Line service. I get mine through Verizon, I am "working poor" and my home phone service is about $12 a month with Verizon.

    Also there are two companies that offer completely free cell phones for low income people and the working poor, (most people mistakenly believe it is only for people who get government help in the way of medicaid or foodstamps). One is Assurance Wireless by Virgin Mobile, if you qualify you get a free cell phone and 200 free minutes per month. The other is lifelink through Tracfone and they have 3 types of plans to choose from, all free, some include texting options. Although I have a sprint cell phone I convinced my sister to apply and she qualified, which makes me feel a lot better in case there is an emergency situation, i.e. car breaks down, can't make it to the school to get her son for some reason, now she has a way to contact someone since payphones are going to way of the VHS tape, vanishing.

    Great Blog by the way!

    Shoestring Budget Travel Gal
    Brown Eyed Girl


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