Frugal Tip Of The Day - Stretch Your Hair Conditioner

Instead of slatering your hair in the shower with a handful of conditioner, then rinsing it out, wait until you have towel dried your hair, then use just a little in your hand (about a quarter to half dollar size dollop, depending on how long and thick your hair is) and work it through your hair, starting at the ends. This is about how much is left in your hair after you rinse it out, so why not just put that much in in the first place, and SAVE MONEY!

By using your conditioner this way, you're able to purchase better quality conditioner, because it lasts so long.

The roots of your hair usually don't need conditioning, as they are pretty much only a month or two old. Put conditioner only on the bottom half of your hair, and your hair will have more volume, because the roots are not weighed down by conditioner.


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