Frugal Tip of the Day - Save on Dry Pet Food

Are your pets as spoiled as mine? I have cats who will turn up their nose at any food that doesn't smell good. Did you know that expensive cat foods actually just SMELL better to cats, and that's why they crave them? When I lost my job, I had to figure out a way to give my cats nutritious food without spending a lot of money. They were used to eating Purina One, which was getting ridiculously expensive, so I changed them to Purina Indoor formula, which was about $5 less an 18 lb. bag (remember when they were 20 lb. bags just last year?). Still, eve at around $10 a bag on markdown, and including the canned food they get at night, that was not within my budget with no money coming in.

I discovered that Dollar General has their own brand of food for $6 an 18 lb. bag. As an experiment, I took that food and mixed it half and half with the Purina, and my cats ate it up. You see, the cheap food had no smell, but the Purina did. Evidently, the taste wasn't all that bad, because they are still eating the mixture and look happy and healthy.

So I've saved $2 a bag on food, and my cats are just as happy. I don't have dogs, but I'm pretty sure this will work for them. Hope this tip works for your picky pet as well.


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